Project Approach

Goebel Interiors, L.L.C. is a small and efficient interior design firm celebrating over 30 years in Tucson. Our team of designers work closely together throughout the project to provide our clients with personal and professional attention. Our team of designers is involved in every phase of the design and construction process.

At the beginning of each project, a project schedule is established for deadlines of design phases. The schedule includes an estimated final completion date and develops daily schedules having each activity identified with a start and completion date. The schedule is monitored daily and adjusted as needed.

Throughout the project, Goebel’s schedules meetings with the client and other members of the design team. These meetings allow for conversation and communication between all parties involved. These meetings are highly focused and result in effective design decisions.

Goebel’s, together with the client, establishes a control budget. Goebel's value engineers all product and specifications. We pride ourselves in specifying products of superior quality, value and performance that fit into the client’s budget.

For all of our construction documents, we use AutoCAD and the latest design software. This allows us to communicate with architects and professionals in the design community. Our drawings can be e-mailed or mailed to all the design professionals working on the project.

Through the years of experience, Goebel’s has collected a large resource library. This library includes a variety of sources suitable for institutional, commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential interiors. Our goal is to specify products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as low-maintenance and durable. During procurement, Goebel’s will document all specifications for the interiors. All finishes, equipment, and furnishings will be labeled on the interior design floor plan. A specifications book is submitted for each project. This book contains the necessary information for purchasing. Goebel’s will be available at the installation of products. We also offer an opportunity to the client to purchase specified items directly through Goebel’s. These items will be sold at net cost plus freight with a purchasing fee ranging from twenty to twenty-five percent. Purchasing fees are determined by the total cost of all specified items, and discounts are available when the net cost exceeds an identified amount. All fees and costs will be outlined by standardized contracts proposed by Goebel’s.

Throughout the construction phase, a representative from Goebel’s will perform numerous site visits to meet with contractor and client representatives. Once the project is completed, Goebel’s conducts a post-occupancy inspection. We like to confirm that clients are satisfied with the end result and will go to great lengths to attain this.